Notice of Demolition Orders

This is simply a Notice that Demolition Orders have been issued for properties destroyed or severely damaged by the May 2016 wildfire and described below by municipal address and legal description.

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Searchable Notice of Demolition Orders

Use the tool below to determine if a Demolition Order has been issued by the Regional Municipality for a specific property.

Copy of your Order

A copy of the Demolition Order [view a generic example] for each property listed here will also be mailed to the individual(s) shown on the tax roll as the property owner(s). If you do not receive a copy of your Demolition Order and would like to obtain a one, please call the Pulse line at 780-743-7000.

Appeal Period

If your property is listed here, please take note of the Posted Date. This is the date on which you are hereby served notice of the Demolition Order for your property. Should you wish to appeal this order, you have 14 days from the Posted Date to deliver your appeal to the Clerk of the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board.