Diversity Plan Survey
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Public Engagement Survey

Your Opinion

Thanks for helping us shape the way you have your say! Your feedback will contribute to the development of our public engagement framework so that we can best connect with our residents about community matters that are important to you. The survey below is just one way we will be collecting information for the framework.

Read information on a website and respond electronically
Flyer/postcard in my mail with an option to call, email or provide an electronic response
Fill out an online survey
Fill out an in-person survey
Open house so I can drop-in and talk to someone face to face in a group setting if I want
Participate in one on one, or small group meetings
From an RMWB social media channel
Hear about it in a radio ad
Read about it or hear it reported by the media
See an ad on a bus or bus shelter
One of my neighbours tells me
See it displayed on one of the electronic signs on the roadway
I receive a direct email from my employer or an organization I belong to
I usually don’t hear about them