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All Stops: Route 51

Below is a list of all stops along Route 51 (Wood Buffalo). Click on a stop number to find the location on Google Maps. For stop times, see the Route 51 schedule.

All stops on Route 51
1 Stop 5081Signal Road at Thickwood Shopping Centre
2 Stop 5065Signal Road at St. Thomas Anglican
3 Stop 5066Signal Road and Silver Springs Drive
4 Stop 5067Signal Road across from Hillcrest Drive
5 Stop 5001Signal Road at Hilltop Crescent
6 Stop 5002Signal Road after Hitch Place
7 Stop 5093Wolverine Drive at Windsor Drive
8 Stop 5096Wolverine Drive at Whitley Road NS
9 Stop 5098Wolverine Drive at Windsor Drive FS
10 Stop 5005Signal Road at Street Gabriel School
11 Stop 5006Signal Road at Thistle Heights Shop Centre
12 Stop 5072Cornwall Drive before Duncan Drive
13 Stop 5071Cornwall Drive and Cardinal Crescent
14 Stop 5070Cardinal Drive after 1st Cochrane Crescent
15 Stop 5069Cornwall Drive after Cardinal Drive
16 Stop 5073Real Martin Drive at Wood Buffalo Village
17 Stop 5074Williams Drive after Wolff Way
18 Stop 5015Williams Drive and Williams Garden
19 Stop 5016Williams Drive and Williams Road
20 Stop 5017Williams Drive and 1st Wilson Drive
21 Stop 5018Williams Drive and 2nd Wilson Drive
22 Stop 5019Real Martin Drive and Wilson Drive
23 Stop 5068Real Martin Drive at Warren Road Park
24 Stop 5020Real Martin Drive after Webb Drive
25 Stop 5021Real Martin Drive and J.W. Mann Drive
26 Stop 5058Tundra Drive at Evergreen Christian Reformed Church
27 Stop 5059Tundra Drive across from Bird Crescent
28 Stop 5060Tundra Drive at Westwood High School
29 Stop 5061Signal Road at Westwood High School
30 Stop 5062Signal Road at Thickwood Medical Centre
31 Stop 5003Signal Road across from Hitch Place
32 Stop 5077Signal Road across from Hilltop Crescent
33 Stop 5078Signal Road and Hillcrest Drive
34 Stop 5063Signal Road across from Silver Springs Drive
35 Stop 5064Signal Road across from St. Thomas Anglican
36 Stop 5010Silin Forest Road behind Safeway
37 Stop 5012Silin Forest Road across from Mercredi High School
38 Stop 5081Signal Road at Thickwood Shopping Centre