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All Stops: Route 10

Below is a list of all stops along Route 10 (Gregoire / Industrial). Click on a stop number to find the location on Google Maps. For stop times, see the Route 10 schedule.

All stops on Route 10
1 Stop 10034Main Street Terminal
2 Stop 10005Franklin Avenue at Peter Pond Mall
3 Stop 10006Franklin Avenue across from Father Mercredi Street
4 Stop 10007Franklin Avenue before 1st Alberta Drive
5 Stop 10008Franklin Avenue after Poplar Crescent
6 Stop 10009Franklin Avenue at River City Centre
7 Stop 10037Franklin Avenue at Father JA Turcotte School
8 Stop 10020Franklin Avenue after Centennial Drive
9 Stop 10017King Street across from Keyano College
10 Stop 10014Tolen Drive across from Heritage Park
11 Stop 6045Gregoire Drive at Advantage Inn SB
12 Stop 6023Gregoire Drive across from Grandview Crescent
13 Stop 6024Gregoire Drive across from Grenfell Crescent
14 Stop 6019Greely Road at Greely Road School
15 Stop 6027Greely Road and Grant Way
16 Stop 6028Greely Road at Greenwich Lane
17 Stop 6029Greenwich Lane after Grenoble Crescent
18 Stop 6030Grenoble Crescent and Grenadier Street
19 Stop 6031MacLean Road before MacKay Crescent
20 Stop 6032MacKay Crescent after Greenwich Lane
21 Stop 6033MacAlpine Crescent at Oilsinds Discovery Centre
22 Stop 6034MacAlpine Crescent before MacKenzie Street
23 Stop 6035MacDonald Crescent after MacKenzie Street
24 Stop 6036MacDonald Crescent before MacKenzie Blvd
25 Stop 6038Mackay Crescent after MacKenzie Blvd
26 Stop 6049McMillan Road after MacKay Crescent
27 Stop 6048MacLennan Crescent after McMillan Road
28 Stop 6039MacKenzie Blvd after MacLennan Crescent
29 Stop 6040MacKenzie Boulevard across from Keyano College
30 Stop 6003Arabian Drive before Mustang Road
31 Stop 6043Mustang Road before Rodeo Drive
32 Stop 6044Rodeo Drive after Mustang Road
33 Stop 10015Tolen Drive at Heritage Park
34 Stop 10016King Street at Keyano College
35 Stop 10021Franklin Avenue after King Street
36 Stop 10022Franklin Avenue across from Dr. K.A. Clark School
37 Stop 10023Franklin Avenue across from River City Centre
38 Stop 10024Franklin Avenue after Riedel Street
39 Stop 10025Franklin Avenue after McLeod Street
40 Stop 10026Franklin Avenue after Father Mercredi Street
41 Stop 10027Franklin Avenue after Peter Pond Mall
42 Stop 10070Biggs Avenue at Hardin Street Building
43 Stop 10034Main Street Terminal