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All Stops: Route 12

Below is a list of all stops along Route 12 (Thickwood / Timberlea). Click on a stop number to find the location on Google Maps. For stop times, see the Route 12 schedule.

All stops on Route 12
1 Stop 101Timberlea Terminal
2 Stop 7094Powder Drive
3 Stop 7095Powder Drive before Paquette Drive
4 Stop 7056Brett Drive across from Recycling Depot
5 Stop 7058Brett Drive after Blanchett Road
6 Stop 7047Brett Drive across from Burns Place
7 Stop 7048Brett Drive before Barber Drive
8 Stop 7049Brett Drive at St. Anne School
9 Stop 7050Eglert Drive before Bussieres Drive
10 Stop 7051Eglert Drive before Confederation Way
11 Stop 5085Dickins Drive Before Fullerton Drive
12 Stop 5087Dickens Drive at Heritage Glen
13 Stop 5088Dickens Drive and Cruikshank Road
14 Stop 5089Dickens Drive before Thickwood Blvd
15 Stop 102Thickwood Terminal
16 Stop 5012Silin Forest Road across from Mercredi High School
17 Stop 5082Dickens Drive after Thickwood Blvd
18 Stop 5022Dickens Drive and McConachie Crescent
19 Stop 5023Dickens Drive and Pentacostal Assembly
20 Stop 5083Dickens Drive and Becker Crescent
21 Stop 5084Dickens Drive and Kennedy Crescent
22 Stop 7040Eglert Drive and Burry Road
23 Stop 7041Eglert Drive and Bussieres Road
24 Stop 7042Brett Drive across from Anne Street School
25 Stop 7044Brett Drive before 1st Brosseau Crescent
26 Stop 7046Brett Drive after Burns Place
27 Stop 7059Brett Drive after Lougheed Drive
28 Stop 7057Brett Drive and Laffont Way
29 Stop 7118Brett Drive at Recycling Depot
30 Stop 7094Powder Drive
31 Stop 7095Powder Drive before Paquette Drive
32 Stop 101Timberlea Terminal