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All Stops: Route 41

Below is a list of all stops along Route 41 (Brett Drive / Eagle Ridge). Click on a stop number to find the location on Google Maps. For stop times, see the Route 41 schedule.

All stops on Route 41
1 Stop 101Timberlea Terminal
2 Stop 7056Brett Drive across from Recycling Depot
3 Stop 7058Brett Drive after Blanchett Road
4 Stop 7060Lougheed Drive at Laboucan Crescent
5 Stop 7036Lougheed Drive at Lakewood Park
6 Stop 7062Loutit Road after Sandpiper Road
7 Stop 7029Loutit Road before Grouse Way
8 Stop 7063Sparrow Hawk Drive after Loutit Road
9 Stop 7064Sparrow Hawk Drive and Sandpiper Road
10 Stop 7026Sparrow Hawk Drive after Killdeer Way
11 Stop 7024Sparrow Hawk Drive across from Crane Rise
12 Stop 7022Loutit Road after Sparrow Hawk Drive
13 Stop 7065Loutit Road before Sparrow Hawk Drive
14 Stop 7028Loutit Road after Eagle Ridge Gate
15 Stop 7033Loutit Road and Sandpiper Road
16 Stop 7035Loutit Road at Lakewood Manor
17 Stop 7096Powder Drive after Paquette Drive
18 Stop 7097Powder Drive at Holy Trinity School
19 Stop 7108Parsons Creek Drive across from Cottonwood Creek
20 Stop 7106Parsons Creek Drive at Ecole McTavish
21 Stop 7107Paquette Drive at Ecole McTavish
22 Stop 101Timberlea Terminal