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All Stops: Route 61

Below is a list of all stops along Route 61 (Thickwood). Click on a stop number to find the location on Google Maps. For stop times, see the Route 61 schedule.

All stops on Route 61
1 Stop 102Thickwood Terminal
2 Stop 5046Tamarack Way at Fort McMurray Christian School
3 Stop 5047Tamarack Way at Woodland Drive
4 Stop 5048Woodland Drive and WhiteOak Garden
5 Stop 5049Timberland Drive and Woodland Drive
6 Stop 5038Timberline Drive and Gladstone Street
7 Stop 5039Timberline Drive after Ross Street
8 Stop 5040Timberline Drive and Roland Street
9 Stop 5041Timberline Drive before Robichaud Street
10 Stop 5042Timberline Drive after Robichaud Street
11 Stop 5043Timberline Drive before Ross Street
12 Stop 5044Timberline Drive and Rock Bay
13 Stop 5045Timberline Drive and Thickwood Blvd
14 Stop 5024Ross Haven Drive at St. Paul's Elementary School
15 Stop 5025Ross Haven Drive and Romany Street
16 Stop 5027Ross Haven Drive Before Rosslyn Street
17 Stop 5028Thicket Drive and Romar Street
18 Stop 5029Thicket Drive and Rowan Street
19 Stop 5030Thicket Drive and Robin Crescent
20 Stop 5075Thicket Drive after Romany Street
21 Stop 5076Thicket Drive and Silin Forest Road
22 Stop 5031Thicket Drive and Siesta Garden
23 Stop 5032Thicket Drive and Silvertip Place
24 Stop 5033Sifton Avenue and Silvanus Crescent
25 Stop 5034Sifton Avenue and Sibley Road
26 Stop 5035Sifton Avenue and Simcoe Way
27 Stop 5065Signal Road at St. Thomas Anglican
28 Stop 5063Signal Road across from Silver Springs Drive
29 Stop 5067Signal Road across from Hillcrest Drive
30 Stop 5001Signal Road at Hilltop Crescent
31 Stop 5002Signal Road after Hitch Place
32 Stop 5004Signal Road across from Thickwood Medical Centre
33 Stop 5005Signal Road At St. Gabriel School
34 Stop 5090Eymundson Road across from Elmore Drive
35 Stop 5091Eymundson Road before Casman Centre
36 Stop 5079Eymundson Road at Casman Centre
37 Stop 102Thickwood Terminal