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All Stops: Route 8

Below is a list of all stops along Route 8 (Beacon Hill). Click on a stop number to find the location on Google Maps. For stop times, see the Route 8 schedule.

All stops on Route 8
1 Stop 10034Main Street Terminal
2 Stop 10015Tolen Drive at Heritage Park
3 Stop 10016King Street at Keyano College
4 Stop 10061Franklin Avenue and Marshall Street
5 Stop 2001Beacon Hill Drive after Beacon Hill Drive
6 Stop 2002Beacon Hill Drive and Beattie Drive
7 Stop 2003Beacon Hill Drive at Beacon Hill Plaza
8 Stop 2004Beacon Hill Drive at Good Shepherd School
9 Stop 2005Beacon Hill Drive and Beaveridge Close
10 Stop 2006Beacon Hill Drive and Beaconsfield Road
11 Stop 2007Beacon Hill Drive and Beaverglen Close
12 Stop 2008Beacon Hill Drive and Beaverlodge Close
13 Stop 2009Beacon Hill Drive before Beaconwood Gate
14 Stop 2010Beacon Hill Drive after Beaconwood Gate
15 Stop 2011Beacon Hill Drive and Beale Crescent
16 Stop 2012Beacon Hill Drive and Beaumont Crescent
17 Stop 2013Beacon Hill Drive and Beaconwood Road
18 Stop 2014Beacon Hill Drive and Beardsley Crescent
19 Stop 2015Beacon Hill Drive and Beacon Hill Place
20 Stop 2016Beacon Hill Drive at Shell Station
21 Stop 10015Tolen Drive at Heritage Park
22 Stop 10016King Street at Keyano College
23 Stop 10061Franklin Avenue and Marshall Street
24 Stop 10070Biggs Avenue at Hardin Street Building
25 Stop 10034Main Street Terminal