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All Stops: Route 91

Below is a list of all stops along Route 91 (Longboat Landing). Click on a stop number to find the location on Google Maps. For stop times, see the Route 91 schedule.

All stops on Route 91
1 Stop 10034Main Street Terminal
2 Stop 10032Franknlin Avenue before Richard Street
3 Stop 10055Fraser Avenue before Morrison Street
4 Stop 10068Manning Avenue at Main Street
5 Stop 10044Fraser Avenue at Demers Avenue
6 Stop 10046Father Mercredi Street before Franklin Avenue
7 Stop 10007Franklin Avenue before 1st Alberta Drive
8 Stop 10065Reidel Street after Manning Avenue
9 Stop 10040Hospital Street at Walmart
10 Stop 10059Manning Avenue before Queen Street
11 Stop 10057Manning Avenue after Centennial Drive
12 Stop 10056Manning Avenue before King Street
13 Stop 10017King Street across from Keyano College
14 Stop 10014Tolen Drive across from Heritage Park
15 Stop 9001Tolen Drive across from Parkview Drive
16 Stop 9002Tolen Drive across from Pelican Drive
17 Stop 9003McCormick Drive across from JH Pew Park
18 Stop 9004Tomlinson Street and Hughes Avenue
19 Stop 9005Huggard Street and Bulyea Avenue
20 Stop 9009Fontaine Avenue after Denholm Gate
21 Stop 9010Fontaine Avenue
22 Stop 9011Fontaine Avenue - Second Stop
23 Stop 9012Delhom Gate before Franklin Avenue
24 Stop 10050Penhorwood Street after Franklin Avenue
25 Stop 10039Syncrude Sport & Wellness Centre
26 Stop 10015Tolen Drive at Heritage Park
27 Stop 10016King Street at Keyano College
28 Stop 10018Manning Avenue after King Street
29 Stop 10036Manning Avenue after Centennial Drive
30 Stop 10058Manning Avenue after Queen Street
31 Stop 10038Hospital Street at Canadian Tire
32 Stop 10051Riedel Street before Boys and Girls Club
33 Stop 10024Franklin Avenue after Riedel Street
34 Stop 10025Franklin Avenue after McLeod Street
35 Stop 10045Father Mercredi Street before Manning Avenue
36 Stop 10043Fraser Avenue before Hardin Street
37 Stop 10029Fraser Avenue before Main Street
38 Stop 10031Fraser Avenue before Richard Street
39 Stop 10019Franklin Avenue before Morrison Centre
40 Stop 10070Biggs Avenue at Hardin Street Building
41 Stop 10034Main Street Terminal