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Find Your Zone

Your Winter Maintenance Day

Each weekday between Oct. 15 and April 15, crews are scheduled to plough streets in specific urban residential zones. The zone in which you live determines which day of the week you'll need to park elsewhere between the hours of 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. Enter your street address below to find your winter maintenance day.

Note: Results found in this search tool do not supersede posted signage in residential neighbourhoods.


Find Parking Options: Public Lots

Map: North Side

North-Side Municipal Parking Lots

Map: South Side

South-Side Municipal Parking Lots


Municipal Parking Map: North
Municipal Parking Map: South

In addition to parking alternatives such as driveways, garages, or even sharing a parking space with a neighbour or friend, there are a number of public parking lots that can be used on a daily basis while your Winter Maintenance Zone is active. The maps on this page can be used to locate the lots listed below.

A few public lots are currently closed or in restricted areas following the wildfire. Mapping and parking options will be updated as these areas are re-opened for public use.

North Side

  • Timberlea Tennis Courts (Brett Drive)
  • Syncrude Athletic Park (Cartier Road)
  • Ross Hennigar Park (Thicket Drive)
  • Wood Buffalo Park (Williams Drive)

South Side

  • Off Highway Vehicle Parking Lot (Abasand Drive)
  • Marine Park (Prairie Loop Blvd)
  • Riedel Street Parking Lot (Prairie Loop Blvd)
  • Lions Park (Tolen Drive)
  • Borealis Park (Morrison Street)
  • Frank Lacoix Arena (Beaconwood Road)
  • Beacon Hill Dog Park (Beacon Hill Drive)